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Gary Lester
Punters can read the authoritative posts of highly respected sports journalist Gary Lester on Google Plus,where he clearly explains with full instructions which are the best free bets uk bookmaker betting offers for gamblers to claim and the ones to avoid at all costs.He has over 30 years experience within the gambling industry,on course,in the betting shops and as a sports writer,and he shares his top picks with bettors who are seeking out value for money when they open a new online bookie sportsbook account.There are currently many bonus offers for the gambling public to snap up ranging from £10 to £200 with a couple of betting-exchanges Betfair and Betdaq also having promotional incentives.He tells people to stick to the well known brand names who have rock solid reputations so that you know when you win you are going to get your winnings paid out promptly.The best bookmakers also have good customer services so if you need help your problem can soon be solved.

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